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Dr. Josh is a real-deal local. Born and raised in Albury-Wodonga.

After a soirée to Uni and then working in Melbourne for a few years, it’s great to have him back. He’s a little older and definitely wiser, but more importantly he’s now a part of the Body Balance team.

Josh is an unassuming, easy come, easy go, sort of guy, that brings a ‘cool’ sort of vibe to the place. With his hair pulled back and his funky foot friendly shoes, he seems to just glide through life. Nothing seems to ruffle his feathers. (or his hair).

When Josh isn’t gracing us with his awesome presence. you will usually find him in his ‘happy place’ the great outdoors, camping & fishing with his mates. Josh’s the one with the roof-top-tent on his ute in the car park.

To add to the ‘great bloke’ image, he’s also got a much loved dog, called Tux. What more do you need to know! Camping plus dog, throw in excellent Chiro = Great bloke.

Because of his ‘cool’ relaxed vibe, when you come to see Josh, you will walk away knowing that you have had 110% of his attention, because he is 110% present for you. Josh is one of those rare breeds – he actually listens to understand, so he can get to the root cause of your health challenge and then make smart decisions to help get you well.

In the last few years, Josh has dedicated an enormous amount of time, in learning new and improved techniques and the latest advanced  diagnostic skills. So be assured that when you see Josh you know you’ll be getting the best, most up-to-date care.  Josh is awesome.

From Dr Josh

I grew up a Chiro kid. I had my first Chiro adjustment before I could walk! Having regular Chiropractic care has always been a part of my life. I remember as a little kid I would say to Mum, that I was overdue for my Chiro check. And off we’d go to the Chiro, not because I had a sore back or because of pain, but as a kid I just knew I felt better all round after I had been treated.

I know now as a ‘grown up’ that as a kid I knew innately, as kids do, that there were profound health benefits of an adjustment, and the influence it had on my nervous system, so consequently, on my life.

I look back now and think how forward thinking and amazing my Mum was, taking me to a Chiro, for my health. Growing up and having to fill out any forms, when it asked for my regular GP, I had nothing to write. I had my Chiropractor.

I remember reading a book by Dr. James Chestnut, ‘The Wellness Prevention Paradigm’ – and that’s when it all ‘clicked’ for me. Essentially to maintain a state of wellness we have to Eat Well, Think Well and Move Well. Most people know about the ‘eat well’, but don’t understand the importance of ‘thinking well’ and ‘moving well’. Chiropractic is all about influencing those.

After graduating as a Chiro, I have had an ongoing fascination with the neurological effects of a Chiropractic adjustment. In my own life it has been profound. I enjoy continuing to expand my knowledge to deliver the best Chiropractic care I can. I want the people who come to me for their health care, to experience what I have, a profound sense of well-being.

Chiropractic Techniques Dr Josh Uses



Syntropy Adjusting


SOT - blocks

Activator Method,

Thompson Drop,

Soft Tissue techniques

Comprehensive & Effective Chiropractic care


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