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From the staff

Dr. Richard has been in practice in Albury/Wodonga for over 35 years, (he can nearly call himself a local) which has provided him with a wealth of experience, and he heads up our team at BBC

With his sons, Matt and Clinton, all grown up and off his hands, Dr. Richard now has a lot more spare time on his hands. So we have watched him morph into one of those ‘fitness nuts’, (or he’s in the grips of a mid-life crisis) when he’s not at work - think lycra, fluoro shoes, and sweaty singlets, competing in marathons and challenging cycling pursuits, a gym junkie no less. Ahhh! It’s exhausting just watching.

On an unfortunate note, Richard is a Richmond supporter (BOOO), but we won’t hold that against him. Though he has won the Body Balance footy tipping competition two years in a row!

Dr. Richard also loves to ski … and is in fact an Austrian trained Ski Instructor, so during the winter, if he’s not working here, you’ll find him ‘shooshing’ down the slopes at Falls Creek during the season. Teaching a class or two on weekends, and just generally enjoying himself.

Dr Richard lives with his life partner Nat on a small acreage at Splitters Creek, having sold their farm during COVID, and wanting to be closer to town. They are both very active but can think of nothing nicer than sitting on the terrace with friends and enjoying good food, good company and a nice glass of red.

On a more academic (serious) note

We would describe Richard as a learning machine.

He is always looking to improve and expand his knowledge. To bring the latest and best techniques and best practice to help get his patient’s health back on track, faster.

One of his passions is Neurology and he completed a gruelling four years of post-graduate studies in the field of Functional Neurology. He is now a member of the Australian Association Functional Neurologists.​

Ages ago, from 2005 - 2007, Richard, became one of the very few Chiropractors at that time, to join forces with and study Veterinarian Chiropractic, through the University of Melbourne Vet School and RMIT School of Chiropractic.

Richard treats dogs, cats and horses and a menagerie of other animals.. He is a regular Dr. Do-Little, you just have to watch how happy the dogs are when they come to visit him. It’s priceless. He has a cult following in the horse scene, treating ponies to thoroughbreds and everything in between.

He is a registered member of the Australian Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

Education for Richard, is a daily process, geeeeek! … via, books, journals, seminars/webinars and post graduate programs, it’s his happy place.

In short he’s cool, we love him, he’s a great guy. He’s passionate about what he does and is brilliant at it.

Richard’s introduction to Chiropractic started when he was a kid, around 8 years old…

From Dr Richard

I couldn’t run out of sight on a dark night. I dreaded PE and the school sports carnivals. I always came a long second last in everything. (There was one kid slower than me, that gave me some relief). I was below average in my classes. I was in Class E, there was only Class F to go.

Mum took me to see Dr Don McDowell, a Chiropractor, because I was complaining of random leg pain. That was the beginning of my Chiropractic journey. Within 12 months I was running because I wanted to. I went on to represent the state in Hockey. I run marathons now..

My class average went from Class E to Class B within 12 months and then into Class A. I was in advanced classes all through Secondary School.

With Chiropractic care in my life, everything changed, and I’ve never looked back. When it came to a career, Chiropractic was the obvious and only choice for me. On graduating from University, in my first 12 months out, I was fortunate enough to work with and be mentored by Dr. Don McDowell. It was the full circle.

Chiropractic isn’t just about sore backs, headaches, injuries and pain, sure we help people with all that … but it has much greater benefits … that was evident in my own life … far reaching benefits.

When you’re body is working better, it feels better, you think better and perform better.’

Techniques Dr. Richard Uses




Functional Neurology Applications

Activator Method


Thompson Drop

Soft Tissue Therapies

Comprehensive & Effective Chiropractic care


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